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We Sell 6-Volt 8-Volt and 12 Volt Battereis For Golf Cars Only.

**Note: Batteries are only sold to local customers and are not shippable However, we do ship world-wide through freight forwarders.Prices are based on an exchange junk core at the time of sale. Should you not have a junk core battery/batteries, a fee will be added.** 

Any golf cart owner can tell you the most important part of the golf cart is the battery. While the smoothness of the ride and the durability of its interior and exterior go a long way towards impacting the overall experience, without a reliable – and properly maintained and charged battery, the cart can quickly become a nightmare. At Blockbuster Golf Carts, Inc., we proudly carry top of the line, durable, and reliable Crown Golf Cart Batteries.

Crown golf cart batteries come highly recommended, and our industry position allows us to carry golf cart batteries for sale at a very competitive price for our customers. While golf cart club car, cart, parts, and accessories manufactures continue to improve the products available to our customers, no other company has yet been able to demonstrate the quality and value in a battery the way that Crown golf cart batteries has. Our expert team continuously tracks the best equipment we can offer our customers, and should any battery offer a better quality and value in golf car batteries down the line, we may expand our inventory. As yet, however, no other company has as far as we’re concerned.

Our commitment to bringing the best value and quality to our customers is why Blockbuster Golf Carts, Inc., carries only Crown deep cycle batteries. Once you’ve tried a Crown deep cycle battery, you’ll understand why too. The majority of electric golf carts run on 8 or 6 volt golf cart batteries, and in order to maximize the value of our inventory we stock primarily 8 and 6v golf cart batteries to efficiently meet his demand. If you are in need of a 12v golf cart battery, please contact us directly to inquire. Our extensive network of connections and stellar industry position enables us to offer competitive pricing on items not necessarily in our standard inventory list.

Our industry position also enables us to offer competitive pricing through exchange of your present junk core battery. If you’ve ever tried to appropriately dispose of 8 volt golf cart batteries, you’ll understand how this exchange is in some ways an added service at a savings rather than an added cost. Not only does it protect you from the ramifications – including local legal concerns in some cases – of not disposing appropriately of your old batteries, but it also allows us to partner with you in helping the environment.