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Diode Assembly Kit 48 Volt Charger Button Club Car Powerdrive III Electric

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Diod Board Club Car Powerdrive 3
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Item Number: 214628512-OEM
Heat Sink Dual Diode Board Assembly Club Car Model Powerdrive 3rd Gerneration 48-Volt Only

In the most general terms, a diode, whether in a golf cart charger or any other application, is a one way gate for electricity.  It is direction sensitive and only allows power to flow one way through it.  They are generally installed as protection against polarity reversal.  Golf cart charger diodes do just that, protect against polarity reversal. Golf cart charger diodes are generally connected directly to the transformer which converts AC power to DC and are used to protect it from damage.

How will I know there is a potential problem with my golf cart charger diodes?  Most people won’t be checking their diodes for fun, but rather tracking down an existing issue.  If you are having issues with your batteries run out of power prematurely, chances are good that you either have battery issues or the charger is not charging them fully.  Most chargers have two diodes inside.  If both go bad, the charger will not come on when plugged in an

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