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Golf Cars Are not Just for Golf Courses at BLOCKBUSTER GOLF CARS, INC.

Since 1994

Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc is a leader in South Florida’s neighborhood electric vehicle market. But we not only serve Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Keys, but we can ship golf carts and golf car parts to anywhere in the world!

Even though you would generally find golf carts out on the course, they are so versatile that they can be used just about anywhere. They work great for property managers or maintenance workers in apartment complexes; for security personnel in parking lots and garages; groundskeepers at zoos or amusements parks, and so much more.

Blockbuster Golf Carts supplies new and used Club Cars, Yamaha and EZGO parts, and a large selection of cart accessories, such as mirrors and brakes. Browse through our golf carts for sale to find the one that works perfectly for you. Golf carts aren’t just for golf courses anymore. Please let us know how we can help outfit you with the right golf cart to suit your needs.

"The Quality Of The Company's Service Before & After The Sale Is The Determining Factor For A Company's Growth And Survival. Very Simply, The Consumer Of Today's Demands And Expects Superior Service."e;   BLOCKBUSTER GOLF CARS, INC."e;Guarantee's 100% Customer Satisfaction! More Than An Overused Phrase, This Is Our Belief And The Cornerstone Of The Company's Growth."

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