Does your golf car need repairs?

Need a makeover or reconditioning?

Is your golf car looking ragged? Tired?

Does your golf car need repairs?

Lost it's OOMPH?

BLOCKBUSTER GOLF CARS, INC. deos a complete inspection of your batteries, brakes, cables, bearings & seals, kingpins, battery trays, motor brushes & armature, springs, shocks, steering and more. Can make it ride or look like new again! We perform a 10 point safety and operation check.

Does whole lot more - just ask!

We are full service, fully automated golf cars, utility vehicle & industrial company located conveniently just North of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We are known both nationally & internationally as well as being a premier supplier of golf cars, utility, industrial vehicles & parts.

"The quality of the company's service before & after sale is the determining factor for a company's growth and survival. Very simple. The consumer of today's demands and expects superior service."

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